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This course is compromised of hands-on training with pig jaws, live surgeries, surgical videos and interactive lectures. Lectures will cover the following topics: principles of bone regeneration in simple to complex cases in the esthetic area, surgical planning for advanced cases from a periodontal perspective, Surgical Smile Design, biotype boosting, analysis of intraoral block graft versus GBR, practical tips and tricks for manipulation
of hard and soft tissues, and discussion of complex surgical esthetic clinical cases. Hands-on sessions with pig jaws will reinforce surgical key factors in order to be able to perform GBR in every type of bone atrophy. Live surgeries will be explained step-by- step in order to reinforce the concepts for manipulating peri-implant tissues and to show the simplified protocols for tissue regeneration.

This course is aimed at clinicians who have been exposed to grafting procedures and want to increase their expertise in this area and also at beginners who want to be able to perform tissue augmentation in the daily practice.

This two-day course will enable participants to...

– Have thorough knowledge of surgical techniques for hard and soft tissue management in the esthetic zone, including management of peri-implant tissues
– Critically evaluate key factors for long-term esthetic results following these procedures
– Precisely plan for hard and soft tissue management procedures in the esthetic area

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2 FULL DAYS COURSE - November 4-5th
1 FULL DAY COURSE - November 5th

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Topic example for a three day course:
1. Learn how to be more confident when using guided bone regeneration (GBR) protocols
2. Management of complications
3. Soft tissue management around dental implants and teeth
4. Periodontal surgery in implantology

Language: English, Italian


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